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How to Change a Background Image

Dynamic Content 


Step 1. Create a new blog article.

On the left WordPress menu hover over post, click add new. 


Step 2. Name your article.


Step 3. Add a featured image.


Step 4. Fill in the featured section details.


Step 5. Fill in the overview section.


Step 6. Start filling in the Key Point content. *Note any key points and additional resources not filled in will not show up on the site. 


Step 7. Fill in additional resources. 






On the left WordPress menu hover over Resource & Training Hub, click add new. 


Step 4. Fill in section content



Hover over event menu and click import. 



Select import origin: EventBrite

Choose a date to import content from.

Click preview

*Note all content before this dater will also import.

Check all dates you want to import and click the import button.

Sometimes an event will get imported and marked as ignored. 

Navigate the the events by clicking events in the left menu and look for your event. If it is under the ignored tab select it and click restore.



Double check that the event is displaying correctly. 

Double check that the event tickets are showing.