Engaging Women on Climate

Workshops focused on sharing the latest research and strategies for engaging women on climate.

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Designing Climate Campaigns For Women
John Marshall (Potential Energy Coalition) is on a mission to change the story of climate change and significantly grow the size of the movement. This session will highlight findings from the Potential Energy Coalition’s Vote Like a Madre and Science Moms campaigns, focused on Latina and suburban mothers.
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Climate Literacy for Conservative-ish Women
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At Clean Prosperity we know we need to inform and engage 905 women: swing voters who vote conservative or liberal depending which way the wind is blowing.
Engaging Women in a Values-based Conversation
Heart, Head and Hands. We too often bring only our Heads to climate engagement, a policy or technology pathway less interesting to most Canadians, especially women.
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Engaging Non-Environmental Mothers Online
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The Whole Family Happiness Project (WFHP) is the foundational campaign of Social Currents’ Low-Carbon Narrative Initiative. WFHP is a citizen-sourced, unaffiliated, social-media audience research initiative that sought to understand and to engage Canadians outside the “green tent” of climate-change awareness and action.
Where do we go from here?
Join Delyse Sylvester, Joanna Kerr and Maria Granados as they reflect on the day’s events and discuss where to go next when it comes to engaging women on climate.
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Read more about our findings in our blog post.

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