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Researchers studying the interior British Columbia environment, a region troubled by climate related emergencies at an increased rate over recent years.

We support climate communicators, researchers, learners and policymakers, with a range of programming and services.

Our programming is available in three core areas.

01 Resource & Training Hub

Connect with a network of 1,700 climate influencers through networking, information resources, training and peer learning.

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02 Strategic Research & Services

Get hands-on strategic advice and help with implementation to drive engagement and prompt action.

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03 Engagement Lab

We bring researchers, practitioners, students and others together to work through climate communication challenges and test new approaches.

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01 Resource and Training Hub

Communicators and practitioners rely on relevant, high-quality resources and training materials. Our evidence-based reports, workshops, and webinars are created by Canada’s leading climate communications academics, industry experts and practitioners.

What do Canadians Really Think About Climate Change in 2021?

In this new report, we dive into the most recent public opinion research on climate change in Canada.

Inside out: Climate, Equity and Narrative in Canada

Climate change and social equity cannot be separated.

Talking Climate in the time of COVID-19

Nurturing caring values, communicating in a pandemic.

How Climate Won in the U.S. Election: Lessons for Canadians

Why climate change surged into the U.S. election cycle and lessons for Canadian elections.

02 Strategic Services

Programs & Services

Our team offers research, planning tools, and hands-on strategic advice and implementation to help trusted messengers and new voices activate the alarmed and reach the moveable middle.

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03 Engagement Lab

We connect researchers, practitioners, strategists, and students to address real-world challenges in real time. The Lab experiments with new and inclusive narratives, storytelling, and engagement approaches to better understand how to effectively reach new audiences.

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Programs & Services

Re.Climate was created to support and build climate communications and engagement capacity.

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Grand Lake, NB — Huge chunks of ice propelled by wind and flood waters threaten cottages. The flooding of the Saint John River in 2019 marks the second consecutive year of major flooding. Both the floods of 2018 and 2019 would normally be considered '50 year flood levels'.