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Social Science Research

Who Are Albertans, Anyway?

Albertans are supportive of an energy transition. What they want is a real discussion about pace and timing.

Inside Out: Climate, Equity, and Narrative in Canada

Climate change and social equity cannot be separated.

Talking Climate in the Time of COVID-19

Nurturing caring values, communicating in a pandemic.

How Climate Won in the U.S. Election: Lessons for Canadians

Why climate change surged into the U.S. election cycle and lessons for Canadian elections.

Climate Change in the Canadian Media

The national media has a major influence on policy-makers and influencers and plays a big role driving public debate.

Engaging Women on Climate

Workshops focused on sharing the latest research and strategies for engaging women on climate.

Climate Communications Playbook

The majority of Canadians are increasingly concerned about climate change and are willing to engage in a conversation about the transition away from fossil fuels.

Electrifying Canada: What Citizens Want and Need to Accept Change

Why do some renewable projects fail?